Legacy Museum: From Slavery to Mass Incarceration Museum
APRIL 2018– Nkiyinkyim Installation (permanent exhibit), Montgomery-Alabama  

October 2017, Los Angeles, USA  

Chalewote Street Art Festival 2017 (Watamata)
AUGUST 2012 - James Town, Accra Curator/Creative Director/Negotiator  

In Memoriam, Portraits of the Middle Passage In Situ
JUNE 17-7th APRIL 2018, Cape Coast Castle, Cape Coast-Ghana  

Fauxreedom (Faux-reedom)
MARCH 4-7th APRIL 2018, Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum/Park, Accra-Ghana  

Fauxreedom Ussher Fort
MARCH 4-7th APRIL 2018, James Town, Accra- Ghana  

Usuthu Usuthu
AUGUST 2016, the Chop Bar -ANC Shopping Mall, Accra  

Nkyinkyim Progress exhibition
SEPTEMBER 20015 - JUNE 2013, Accra  

Chalewote Street Art Festival 2012
AUGUST 2012 - James Town, Accra  

Canvass Culture
AUGUST 2012 - Moevenpick, Accra.  

MAY 2006 -, Alliance Francaise-Ahodwo, Kumasi